The story of Hop

Once upon a time there was a little rabbit. The rabbit’s name was HOP. Hop was only three years old. Hop was looking in the Easter house. Hop wasn’t an ordinary rabbit, he was an Easter bunny. Hop said to his father:

  • I don’t want to be the an Easter bunny. Hop’s father said:

  • You have to be an Easter bunny. Hop’s father was very angry.

Hop was a little bit naughty. He sneaked into the office and got Dr Caarabe biscuits. But then Hop sneaked into Dr Faaranaff’s room and got the fruits. But then, Mrs Taagamagefeneagaa was sneaking into Hop’s bedroom and got his drums. When Hop went in his bedroom he saw that his drums had gone! I am so sad said Hop.

And that’s the end.