The missing diamond story

It was the opening day of a museum. The museum was called the Blue Moon. It had a ginormous diamond inside, it was called the Blue Moon. Queen Victoria was at the entrance; she was just about to cut the ribbon. The crowd shouted as loud as a pride of lions. “5, 4, 3, 2, 1”. Queen Victoria cut the ribbon. Everyone went rushing inside to see the Blue Moon. They were all pushing and pulling to get at the front. The diamond was shaped as the moon. It was blue and shined brightly in everyone’s eyes. It was inside a transparent glass box.

The following night was an incredibly gloomy night. An extremely tall man and a very small man were walking very cautiously down the street. The very tall man was wearing a massive hat, it made him look even taller. The two men stood in front of the incredible Blue Moon museum. The tall man slowly crouched down and the small man stood on his shoulders. Motionless he got up onto the brick museum. He helped the tall man up onto the roof. They both jumped down the opened window. The small man jumped down onto the floor and landed very softly. The tall man sprung down and landed with a ‘THUMP’. His dark hat flew off his head. The tall men started to walk on the tips of their toes and got to the Blue Moon.

The small man carefully opened up the box and got the diamond. He put it in his pocket. They both sluggishly walked towards the opening of the window and the tall man crouched down and the small man got onto his shoulders. He went back onto the roof and he helped the tall man up. They both sprung down onto the pavement.

The next morning the tragic news was told to an inspector. Inspector Cook came to investigate. He wore a dark black suit (which was buttoned up), a matching hat and circular light brown glasses. Underneath his manly suit, he wore a long-sleeved black jumper, black trousers with a bit of grey writing on it, soot black boots and bright brown socks. His skin was quite pale. When he took his hat off, it revealed his brown hair that stuck up.

He asked the guards of the museum, “Did you see anything last night?” Both guards told him at the same time, “I was asleep.” Inspector Cook walked into the museum and got his magnifying glass out of his pocket. He started looking for clues. It took him only 2 minutes to find a clue. It was a tall, wide hat. He went straight away to the millinery shop. He questioned the person at the counter “Who did you sell this hat to?” The person stated, “I sold it to a very tall man and to a very short man.” “Did they tell you their names?” asked Inspector Cook. “No”, explained the man. He kept on thinking for days and days but he didn’t know who it could be.

One night a friend of Inspector Cook told him, “How about we go to the circus. There’s going to be tall man and short man doing to tightrope.” Inspector Cook answered, “Wait. Did you say a tall man and short man?” “Yes. Why?” the friend questioned. “Those are the people that stole the Blue Moon.” “How do you know?” the friend asked. “I know that because the person at the millinery shop said that he sold the hat to two men who were tall and short. To the circus,” he demanded.

They were both on the sides of the stage. It was their turn to do the tightrope. The two thieves walked onto the stage. The tall man one side, the short man the other side. Inspector Cook grabbed the tall man’s leg and his friend grabbed the short man’s leg. They both searched for the diamonds and Inspector Cook’s friend found it in the short man’s pocket!

The next day the two thieves were hung and Inspector Cook and his friend were congratulated with a certificate. The Blue Moon got put back into the museum and everyone was happy!!!