The invention that my new friend and myself made

My name is Emily Johnsons. When I was little I made an invention all by myself. For our homework we had to make an invention. I was the last one that showed it. It was called “The shiny shoe maker“. When I sprayed the spray onto my foot everyone said,


Then someone called John said,

“How will you get the shoes of”?

They all laughed. That day I ran off and cried.

When I grew older I had an idea to make an invention called, “The machine that makes any food you want“.

Before my mum died she gave her laboratory to me. So, from then I worked hard on my invention.

I found someone crying (it was a man who was crying). He hurt himself on the knee and I said,

“I’ll call a doctor immediately”! I PHONED 99999! The ambulance came. When the man went into the ambulance the driver said that I can come in too. Before we went the man said,

” When I was little I tried to make an invention called, “The warm heater or cold heater”.

“I am an scientist and I am working on an invention”, I whispered to him. When he was better he came to my laboratory and helped me to make my invention. We finally did it! Then together we made the city into ice cream!

At the end of the year we got married. In 9 months we had kids and made the world into jelly!