The birthday girl who was in trouble

Once upon a time lived a girl called Emily Wraight. It was her birthday. She was going to be 7 years old. Her party was going to be at her house in Milfield Road. Her party was going to be a trampoline party.

We are going to play on the trampoline, in the playhouse, on the swings, musical statues and sit-bumps. She hopes everyone is going to enjoy her party: “I love getting presents. I hope they are all going to get me jewellery boxes”.

The best thing she likes is when the party is getting started. Suddenly, when everyone arrived, some thieves came! Luckily, someone knew karate. He fought for 1’51″!

Now everyone was safe. Everyone was eating outside. The party was over.

The next day, everyone was talking about the boy who has done karate at Emily’s party. He said: “I learnt karate from my Japanese granddad called Osaki. He taught me when I was 5 years old when he was 49, but now he is 61 and 3/4 years old”.