Sophia and the beanstalk

Once upon a time there was a poor girl with her mummy. The girl was called Sophia. Sophia’s mummy said:

-Can you go to the farm and take the cow with you please.


First Sophia saw a very naughty man and the naughty man gave her SOME MAGIC BEANS! Sophia took the magic beans with her. Sophia didn’t know that they were magic. Sophia said to her mummy:

-I’ve got beans she said.

Sophia’s mummy throw the magic bean OUT OF THE WINDOW AND SMASHED THE WINDOW! Next she saw a car called Skoda and that’s a Czech name for a car and it was a Fabia and that’s Czech as well. Then Sophia saw a beanstalk and Sophia climbed the beanstalk. After Sophia saw a castle and knocked at the door.

-Hello said a lady.

-Who are you said Sophia.

-I’m the wife of the giant.

-I’m scared of giants said Sophia.

Sophia stolen some gold, a golden hen, and a bag of golden plates. The giant saw Sophia and Sophia quickly gone inside and took a axe and cut the beanstalk down.