Little red riding hood doeas karate!

Once upon a time, lived a little girl with her mother in a small cottage. Her mother only had £6.75p left. So, her mother said in her caring voice:

  • Dear please could you get some cash from the bank?

  • Yes mummy.

  • Remember don’t talk to strangers. Get £70.85 so we can’t be poor.

So, off went little red riding hood. First, she went through the forest then, she went through Canterbury on a bus and finally, she got to the bank. She got £70.85. When, she got on the bus again she saw a thief and then, she smacked the thief on the bottom! Then, she has done real karate. When she got home she said to her mummy:

  • On the bus I saw a thief and then, I’ve done Tækwondo.

  • Well done, said her mummy.

Now they have got enough money.

The end.