The cupcake man

Once upon a time there lived two teenager girls and two teenager boys. They were all 14 years old. One day, they all decided to make 4 cupcakes (one each). The tallest teenager, called George went first and put stars on it. He said:


Then, everyone else changed their mind. George asked:

‘Go on, aren’t you goin’ to make yours?’

‘Changed our mind!’ said Lily. George put it in the oven and said:

‘We’ll have to wait for 19 minutes’. Danny said:

‘It’s boring!’

When it was the time to get the cupcake out of the oven, the cupcake ran into the garden! Lily shouted:

‘Run after the cupcake!’

They ran and ran, and the cupcake got to a river. While the cupcake man was saying:

‘I do not know how to get across’, a crocodile was watching! The crocodile popped out and said:

‘I’ll help you go across the river’.

The cupcake jumped on his back but the crocodile said:

‘You are too heavy for my back, jump on my head’. Then, he said:

‘I can’t see, jump onto my nose’.

When they finally reached the other side of the river, he flicked the cupcake into the air and gobbled him up. The cupcake man was never seen again.

The end of the story.