image-left My complete name is Mihai Laurentiu Bradu. Most people I know are calling me Mike, but some of them Mihai. Mum used to call me Mikey but sometimes I am called Mihaita. Dad on the other hand calls me Mac. Nobody is calling me Laurentiu or Laur. I do not understand why. So, is it clear to you? What’s my name?

When is my birthday?

9th of December. As I was born in 2006, so I am 8 and three quarters years old. Please notice this day. It is just before Christmas. This year what I really what for my birthday s the new game Fifa 16. I’m begging my mum and dad to buy it and they said YES!


Since September 2011, I am attending Graveney Primary School (previously I attended and graduated Twinkle Toes Nursery) among some other tens of children. Please visit my school’s web site. It’s quite cool. What am I studying at my school? Well, lots of things. First of all playing, but also about reading, writing, science, literacy, again playing, etc. My favorite subjects are Maths, Reading, Science and Geography. Have a look at my cool school website. I am in the dragonfly class and at the bottom of the page you will see a yellow flower with numbers on it. The flower which is yellow is my House Point Chart and also I am on Yellow table. I am year 4. Last week (25.09.2015) I got 25 house points! Also I am attended to the School Council, it is now two years in a row!


My best friends are Molly Louise-Rose Laker, Ella Lauren Napper, Oliver David Nevitt, Lauren Pharoh Wraight and Sophia Jasmine Flynn.

My favourites

  • Light green is my favorite colour.
  • I really enjoy going with daddy at swimming.
  • I do Taekwondo and Tennis.
  • I play the Piano, Ocarina, Recorder and Guitar.
  • I like reading books and also to I am a writer. You can find some of my story published on this website.
  • Playing games on the PS3. My favorite game is called Topspin 4. It is so cool because you can have your own career and you can be real tennis stars!
  • I also like playing on the PS3 Fifa 15 which I got for Christmas from Father Christmas last year. Also if you go on our website you will find a movie of me, my mum and my dad opening our presents on Christmas Day. You can play tournaments and many more things to do there! I love the game!
  • Playing games on the IPAD. My favourite game is called My Dolphin Show. It is when you to different places in the world and you can dolphin to do anything and you can by outfits as well! I think it should be one of the best games in the world!
  • I also like playing on my IPAD Fifa 15 UT (Ultimate Team) New Season.