On Saturday, I went to London to see tennis at the O2 Arena. We travelled by car and it took us 50mins to get there. Me, my mummy and daddy went.

First, we had breakfast. I had toast with butter on top. It was delicious. My mummy and daddy didn’t eat anything, but my mummy had some yummy coffee.

Then, we got dressed and went into the car. In the car it was freezing, so I put my soft red blanket.

Next, we set the TomTom to lead us to the O2 Arena. Finally, we drove off!

When, daddy wanted to zoom the map on the TomTom it didn’t zoom properly. So, unfortunately we had to stop on the way (near the M2) and daddy changed the settings. Finally, we set off again.

While, we were on the motorway, we played a game. It was about spotting a car that is from other countries. It was a fun game. I saw 4 cars from Poland, 1 truck from Bulgaria, 2 trucks from Czech Republic and 1 car from France.

When we got in London it was raining really hard. When we got inside the car park we had to find a parking place. We tried to find a parking place near the trees and we did!!

While, we got nearer to the O2 Arena we saw a Tesco! Finally, it stopped raining.

Finally, we got inside. The place was beautiful. But, we were a little bit lost. We tried to find a sign that had been written H. But we couldn’t. We asked someone where it was and she said, “Do you know just join any line, and…… daddy said, “OK”.

When we joined a line and it was our turn to show our tickets a man said, “On these tickets say H”. Daddy replied, “Someone told us just to join this line”. The man told us how to get there.

Finally, we found it! We climbed up the escalator and we could see the whole room!! Then, we climbed up another escalator.

After that, we went right and had to find door number 420. Finally, we could see the tennis court! It was fantastic!!

Then, we had to find our seats which were on row K and we had to sit in 937, 938 and 939. The colour of the seats were dark blue. I sat in 938, mummy sat in 937 and daddy sat in 939.

After, we sat in our chairs I wanted a Fudge. It was delicious. We waited for a few minutes until we heard a strange sound and it was from the television where they put the scores.

While, we heard the sound I asked daddy, “How many people can fit in this room”? Daddy said, “In this room 20,000 people can fit in this room”. I said, “WOW”.

Finally, the match started. It was the doubles. It was Croatia and Brazil against Pakistan and Netherlands.

I looked through the binoculars and I could see much better. But I couldn’t really go side to side because the ball was too fast. So, I just looked at one player after one game.

The, match took about 1:30:00 and I really liked the match. The match was super!!! When the match nearly finished in nearly fell asleep!

Before, the other match started we got to see Rafael Nadal!! Then, we waited for half an hour and the match started. It was the singles!!!

It, was Juan (Huan) Martin Del Potro (Argentina) against Roger Federer (Switzerland). I wanted to win Roger Federer, daddy wanted to win Roger Federer and mummy wanted to win Juan Martin Del Potro.

The, match was awesome! The person who won was Roger Federer!!

When, the match ended we went out of the room. I said, “That was fun”.

When, we went down the stairs I said, “I didn’t like the shouting”, and I started to cry. I had to repeat what I was saying.

Finally, we got in the car park and stopped crying. I said, “I’ve stopped crying”.

Finally, we got into the car put our seat belts on and went back home.